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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for the 2014-2015 academic year is currently not available; they are scheduled to be available in August.  We strongly encourage you to visit the Student Accounting Financial Services website for the the most up to date and accurate fees.

Students are expected to pay all tuition and fees.  Tuition information can be obtained from the Student Accounting website at http://www.studentabc.rutgers.edu/tuition-and-fees.

Note: Due to the high demand of Math, sciences and computer science courses, visiting students may potentially be removed from specific classes in order to accommodate matriculating students. Special permission cannot be granted for closed courses. 

Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

School - Unit of Registration
(students registering for School 80 and 81 courses ONLY)

NJ - Resident

(per credit)


(per credit)

   80   $  345.00   $  803.00
   81   $  688.00   $  1077.00
   Campus Fee   $  264.25   $  264.25
   School Fee   $    22.50   $    22.50
   Off campus Fee   $  244.49   $  244.49
   NJPIRG Fee   $      5.50   $      5.50  
   Business Liaison Fee ($5.25 per credit) contingent on credits contingent on credits

Computer Fee (based on # of credits) -  
       breakdown referenced on link provided above

contingent on credits contingent on credits
   Online Course Support Fee   $  100.00    $  100.00
   Hybrid Support Fee   $    60.00    $    60.00
   Late Registration/Late Payment   $  125.00    $  125.00
*Students who are registered for School 81 (graduate courses) tuition will be assessed at the graduate rate for all courses. (This includes undergraduate courses). 


Payment Procedures 

NEW - ELECTRONIC BILLING! Students will not receive paper bills in the mail. Students are asked to view and pay their bills over the web. You may pay your student account here rutadmin.rutgers.edu/sarapp1.


Checks or money orders made payable to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey are accepted through the mail or in-person. Please indicate the student's name, telephone number and RUID number on the front of the check. For mail payments only, you must complete and return the Attendance Confirmation/Payment Form (bottom portion of term bill) with your payment and mail to the following address:

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
P.O. Box 2021, 
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2021

Credit Card Payments:

  • MasterCard, American Express or Discover Cards are accepted for online payments.
  • A non-refundable 2.2% convenience fee for balances paid over the web is assessed.
  • Credit card payments made in person are not accepted for Fall and Spring semester tuition and fee charges.

Electronic Check Payments:

  • E-check transactions are electronic withdrawals from your checking or savings bank account. E-checks through the web are accepted.
  • No additional fee is charged for the electronic check.
  • If the electronic check is returned as unpaid from the bank as a returned check, a $10.00 return check fee will be assessed and applicable late fees applied to your account.

Any payments not honored by the bank will be re-deposited and will incur applicable late and penalty fees.

Cancelation of Registration

To cancel registration and obtain a full refund of tuition and fees, the registrar must receive written notification from the student prior to the first day of the term.  A student whose registration is cancelled by the registrar prior to the first day of the semester receives a full refund of tuition and prorated charges for room and board, if applicable.  Notification of cancelation received on or after the first day of the term is treated, for billing purposes, as a withdrawal and a refund is made based on the General Refund policy.

Late Registration

Students who do not complete registration during the period prescribed in the registration instructions may do so during the late registration period.  A late registration fee of $125 is charged.  Permission to register late does not affect any academic policies.  Please refer to the Registration Calendar for dates.

Change of course

All students may add or drop courses during the late registration period preceding the term and continuing through the seventh day of the term.  The new ADD/DROP Policy is effective with the Fall 2001 semester ("students may add courses during the first eight calendar days of the semester, and may drop a course without a "W" during the first seven days of the semester") and supersedes previously printed and distributed material.

The last day for ALL STUDENTS to drop a course without a "W" grade and a tuition charge is the seventh calendar day of the semester.  These changes may be made using the online registration system (webreg), or in person in accordance with the add/drop schedule.  Priority is given to those students with the greatest number of degree credits already earned.  Students may ADD courses during the first eight calendar days of the semester.  As of the ninth class day of the tern, no adds are permitted online and all drops done online after the eighth day of the semester will be assigned a "W" grade.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Office of Continuing Studies at 732.932.7922 or email us at rcs@docs.rutgers.edu.

Dropping a Course

Students may drop courses until the end of the eighth full week of the term without academic penalty, provided the student follows the change of course procedures, as described previously.  Courses dropped between the either calendar day and the eight week of the term are assigned a "W" grade.  Students dropping a course after the end of the eighth full week of the term are assigned a grade of F, U, or NC in the dropped course; the grade of "F" is computed in the term and cumulative grade point average.

A student who unofficially drops a course for which he or she is registered without following the above procedure will receive a grade of F, U, or NC in the course.  In the case of part time students (undergraduate - 11 credits and below, graduate - 5 credits or below), no refund of tuition is allowed for any course dropped after the seventh calendar day of the term.

No course may be dropped during the last two weeks of classes.


Last to receive "w" grade    
Courses dropped between the eighth calendar day and the eighth week of the term are assigned a "w" grade. 

If a student officially withdraws from the University (i.e., drops ALL of the courses for which he or she is registered), then the following Tuition Refund Schedule applies:

  • First two weeks of classes - 80% 
  • Third and fourth week - 60%
  • Fifth and sixth week - 40% 
  • Thereafter - 0

Students withdrawing from their entire program of courses will receive "W" grades and a prorated refund (if applicable). All official drops/withdraws after the designated dates require approval from the Office of Continuing Studies. In all refund situations, student, campus and course fees are not refundable.

Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a withdrawal