Change My Course

How Can I Change My Registration

Visiting students are eligible to add/drop their course(s) during the University's late registration period.

The University's ADD/DROP Policy states that "students may add courses during the first eight (8) calendar days of the semester, and may drop courses without a "W" grade penalty during the first seven (7) calendar days of the semester." Students are not eligible to add any courses after the eighth calendar day of the semester. 

Courses dropped between the eighth calendar day and the eighth week of the term will be assigned a "W" grade. Students may not drop a course after the end of the eighth week of the term; students will be assigned one of the following grades (if applicable): F, U, NC.

Please visit our calendar to view specific dates.

For information regarding applicable refunds, please view our Refund Policy webpage.

Where Can I Change My Registration

Visiting students who wish to make changes to their schedule during the University's Add/Drop period may contact the Office for Visiting Students for assistance. 

Visiting students MUST already be registered for courses during the applicable semester for the Add/Drop Policy to take effect.

Please Note:  Due to the high demand of English, Math, science and computer science courses, visiting students are not eligible to register for courses under these disciplines. Special permission cannot be granted for closed courses. 

Visiting students can enroll for a maximum of 12 credits (6 per semester) and will be required to be in good academic standing. Visiting Students are not eligible to earn a degree, and are not eligible to receive financial aid.