Withdraw From A Course

Visiting students who choose to drop courses between the eighth (8) calendar day and the eighth (8) week of the term are assigned a "W" grade. This grade is indicated on the official and unofficial transcripts.

Students are not eligible to drop a course or withdraw after the end of the eighth full week of the term; the student will be assigned one of the following grades (if applicable): F, U, or NC

In some cases, a student may choose to withdraw (from ALL their courses; this is considered a cancelation) or cancel their registration prior to the end of the eighth full week of the term. This will be considered an official withdrawal from the University. If a student wishes to withdraw from the University, they will need to submit an official written request to the Office of Visiting Students. Students will need to complete a Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Office of Visiting Students for review.

Students who withdraw or cancel their registration from the eighth calendar day of the term to the end of the sixth week of the semester may be eligible to receive a partial refund. Please view our Refund Policy for more information.