Getting Started

The Office of Visiting Students offers individuals the opportunity to take courses on a non-degree/non-matriculating basis without an official transfer or admissions process. 

Even though Visiting students are attending on a non-degree basis, they are still responsible for knowing and following the rules, policies and procedures of Rutgers University. We strongly encourage all visiting students to  familiarize themselves with the principles of academic integrity that every Rutgers University student must follow.

You may view the Policies of Academic Integrity at Rutgers and the Code of Student Conduct by visiting the website here.

Disclaimer:  Registration for courses at Rutgers University as a Visiting Continuing Studies Student in no way guarantees admission to a degree program at the University. Subsequent transferability of courses to a degree program either at Rutgers or elsewhere is determined solely by the degree program from the home academic institution.  Visiting students matriculating at other colleges should have their course selections approved by their home institution prior to registration to insure credit transfer.

Due to the high demand of English, Math, sciences, exercise science, and computer science courses, visiting students are not eligible to register for courses under these disciplines. Special permission cannot be granted for closed courses.

Visiting students are also NOT eligible to register for courses in the following schools:

School of Engineering (interested in registering for courses offered by SoE? Please click here.)
Rutgers Business School​
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
Graduate School of Management
School of Law

Visiting students can enroll for a maximum of 6 per semester (no more than 12 credits overall) and will be required to be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or greater). Visiting Students are not eligible to earn a degree or receive financial aid.