Credit Limit

Since visiting students have a status of non-degree/non-matriculated and are not part of an academic program at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, their attendance at Rutgers will have a credit limitation.

Effective Fall 2014, the Division of Continuing Studies - Visiting Student Office, along with the endorsement and support of the relevant deans' offices, has formulated and adopted the following Credit Limitation Policy:

  • A visiting student in good academic standing may register for as many as 6 credits in any one academic semester (Fall and Spring).
  • Visiting students can accumulate up to a maximum of 12 credits overall.
  • If a student has already completed the maximum allowable 12 credits, the visiting student may not proceed with registration for the requested term or any academic semester thereafter.
  • If a visiting student is interested in completing a credit-bearing certificate offered by a unit at the University, an exception may be made, ONLY if the unit has accepted the visiting student in their certificate program
    • Once permission has been granted to the visiting student, the student will be limited to registering for courses required to complete the certificate ONLY
    • The visiting student will not be allowed to register for any courses outside the scope of the certificate unless they are granted permission by another unit to complete another certificate, or they have been admitted to a degree program at the University.

If the student's intention is to complete a degree at the University, then the student must apply to the Admissions Office for the next upcoming semester.

Please visit the website for the appropriate degree program for application submission, deadlines and pertinent information.

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions