Refund Policy

A student who voluntarily withdraws from their course(s) from the eighth (8) calendar day of the semester to the end of the sixth (6) week of the semester will receive a partial refund of tuition (and charges of for room and board, if applicable) according to the week of withdrawal as follows:

Semester Week Refund Percentage
First two weeks: 80%
Third and Fourth week: 60%
Fifth and Sixth week: 40%
Thereafter: 0%

Refunds WILL NOT be granted after the sixth (6) week. The effective date of withdrawal is th date on which an official written statement of withdrawal is received by the Office of Continuing Studies - Visiting Student. In all refund situations, the student fee and computer fee are NOT refundable. Students cannot drop their last class via webreg.

Failure to attend class, or informing the instructor or department offering the course, is NOT equivalent to a withdrawal, and a student will NOT receive an adjustment of charges unless a formal withdrawal is filed with, and approved by, the Office of Continuing Studies - Visiting Studies, regardless of whether the student actually attended classes or took an examination.